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Self-Help & Self-Care First

If you have a medical problem which is new, then the first thing to do is consider self-care and self-help.

There is plenty of advice available on our Website and you can download our App which contains a huge amount of NHS resources.

You should also think about seeing your local community pharmacist under the common ailment scheme who can treat a number of conditions and provide a Free NHS Prescription.



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Appointment Options

We aim to offer a range of appointment types to suit individual needs and schedules. These include face to face consultations, consultations over the phone or via video call to communicate directly with the Practice medical team. We strive to ensure you communicate with the most appropriate member of our Practice medical team, which includes doctors, nurse practitioners, practice pharmacists, nurses, physiotherapists and mental health support workers.

Telephone Triage

We encourage all patients to telephone the surgery as part of our Full Telephone Triage System. This can allow for rapid resolution of your problem, potentially without the need for you to come to the surgery.  A member of the team will contact you via phone, video consultation or text to and resolve your problem remotely.  



Any photographs, usually to aid in the diagnosis of any skin conditions. To submit a photograph please use our DOCAPP system by clicking here. A member of the medical team will review the images and will contact you when confident that the problem has been diagnosed.

Photographs showing intimate areas of children (under 18) must not be uploaded.


Medication and Condition Management Reviews

As part of our ongoing commitment to your health, we undertake an annual medication review on all patients on repeat medication and with certain ongoing medical conditions such as asthma and diabetes. You should receive a letter or email to invite you to be part of this process.

Depending on the types of medication you are currently taking or your ongoing medical condition, you may be asked to have a blood test and a face to face consultation with the Practice pharmacist or specialist nurse. If you have received a letter asking you to complete this process please go to the Ongoing Conditions Management Page.

If you have not received a letter and just require a medication review to re-authorise your prescription, please click on the link above. The form will be reviewed by one of the Practice pharmacists who will re-authorise your medication or contact you if they require more information.

Home Visit Requests

Home visits are generally only available for patients who are housebound because of illness or disability. They will normally only be made in true emergency situations, where, for medical reasons, the patient is unable to attend the surgery.

If a home visit is genuinely necessary, please try to telephone reception before 10am, giving as much information as possible regarding the situation and your concern to the reception team.

Newly Pregnant?

Cardiff & Vale Maternity Services have now changed the maternity referral system for the Midwife at West Quay.

The numbers to call are as follows:

Community Midwife Office - 02920 745030

Midwife Led Unit - 02920 745196

Assessment Unit - 02920 744658

Mental Health Support Worker Appointments

If you have new or ongoing problems with anxiety, low mood, depression or stress, then please make an appointment to discuss your problems with our mental health support worker. Our support worker will be able to direct you to counselling and self help services, organise your starting medication if needed, and arrange onwards referral to the mental health community team.

There is a wide range of Mental Health Resources available on our self-help & self-care pages click here to access.



Physiotherapy Appointments

If you have a muscle or joint problem you should book an appointment with our community based physiotherapy team.

Our team of experienced physiotherapists are available daily to see and advise on all muscular and joint problems in adults. They can organise referrals, x-rays, scans and joint injection appointments.

With appointments available every day, if you have an immediate issue for an on the day appointment, or for ongoing or more chronic conditions please pre-book by calling 02920 335717.

For more information on self-referral click here.



GP Trainees/Medical Students

We are a training Practice for both GP trainees (GP registrars) and medical students. On occasions you may be asked whether you mind a medical student observing or a trainee recording the consultation for training purposes.  If you object, please say so.


We are committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment and strives to achieve good practice at all times. All patients are entitled to have a chaperone present during any consultation, examination or procedure. A chaperone may be necessary during any intimate examination; this is to safeguard both the clinician and you, the patient.

Patient Preferences

Patients do have the right to express a preference to receive services from a particular clinician either generally, or in relation to any particular service/condition. Please advise us if you have a general preference so that it can be recorded on your notes. We will always try our best to comply with any reasonable request; where we are unable to do so, you will receive an explanation as to why and you will be given alternative options.