COVID19 and Welsh Government Relaxation of Lockdown

As we all start preparations for some near normality in life and medicine, we at West Quay would like to recognise and facilitate a safe, manageable recovery phase to restore some of the services that have had to be postponed during COVID.

We understand that patients have significant anxieties about this but would like to ask for the community’s continued cooperation with us to help make this possible. We are sure you are fatigued by the seemingly slow pace of change, but COVID-19 still presents a real threat to life, so minimising exposure remains a priority, we have many areas of services to bring back in but, we also have to adhere to social distancing, keeping numbers in surgery minimal at any one time, and face to face appointments are longer due to distancing, PPE and infection control. We have central guidance on which services to prioritise and we are trying to maximise what we can safely offer.

We are very aware that there remains risk of harm due to non-treatment of issues because of COVID protocols so all our services have to be risk assessed against this. 

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