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NHS Digital’s Notice - General Practice Data for Planning & Research

We are receiving communications from patients noting their ‘Dissent from secondary use of GP patient identifiable data’ either via a template letter, email or verbally. This is following a notice for NHS Digital in England for daily data collection under GPDPR service.

This data service does not presently apply to General Practice’s in Wales and is specifically for those Practices providing contracted services to English residents within England.


Every day General Practice staff across the UK receive verbal, and sometimes physical abuse from the very people they are trying to help.

This abuse must stop. It is not ok for our staff to be subjected to aggressive and abusive language when they are doing their job.

If I die it will be your fault - YouTube


Vaccination Status and Travel

From 24 May, there will be a temporary emergency telephone number to request a COVID-19 vaccination certificate for international travel. 

Call 0300 303 5667 to request a vaccination certificate for essential international travel.

Do not request a vaccination certificate from the surgery or vaccination centre. NHS Wales is working hard to ensure everyone can have access to a vaccination we cannot divert resources away from this very important task.

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