Patient Participation Group

The Aims of the Patient Participation Group

To promote co-operation and co-production between West Quay and Rhoose Surgeries Patients and the West Quay Medical Centre (WQMC) to the benefit of all parties

Activities of the PPG

  • To assist West Quay Medical Centre in improving services to patients.
  • To form part of the quality improvement team to ensure co-production in Quality Improvement (QI) projects.
  • To represent patient views and improve communication between patients and the West Quay Medical Centre.
  • To receive comments about the WQMC and assist in responding to them.
  • To express opinions on behalf of patients in regard to WQMC policies.
  • To provide to the WQMC advice in regard to the implications of the results of Patient Surveys.
  • To contribute to the WQMC development process and comment upon any resulting action plans.
  • To advise the WQMC on the education needs of the patient community in regard to preventative medicine, healthy lifestyle choices, appropriate use of healthcare services and any other areas as to improve the health of the patient community and the efficient use of medical resources.

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